Invenio Training Ltd is a veteran owned company and we firmly believe that training excellence can be delivered through experienced trainers and memorable training.  

Two things we repeatedly hear on day one of our first aid training from students experiences with other providers are "I am not confident" and "too many complicated terms". 
We guarantee that our qualified and experienced trainers will ensure students are confident in administering first aid within their scope of practice on completion of their first aid training. 
And we will deliver the training in plain English with no unnecessary medical jargon. 
If we do meet our promises, we insist that you tell us and we will refund the course fee, you can keep the certificate and we will give you a £50 voucher off your next booking. 
Welcome to Invenio Training, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. 
What is first aid? 
Not everyone takes it seriously, comments from students have included 'it’s a tick in the box for work', 'I'll never need to use it', 'someone else will sort it out'. 
But, what if...? 
No one wakes up thinking, ‘today I will have a near death experience’, maybe I'll stay at home. 
To give you an idea of timelines - if the casualty is not breathing, they have five minutes until they suffer brain damage (fewer than one in twelve people survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest). If the casualty has a massive bleed, they have between two and five minutes until they are dead. (40% of trauma related deaths are through blood loss). Average waiting time for an ambulance in England is 8 minutes 25 seonds for a Catergory 1 call. 
In mythology the Grim Reaper collects the souls of the dying. When the clock is counting down to zero simple skills can help you to Beat the Reaper. You, could be the first person on scene, you could save a life, and someone can have the life they deserve. 
Our mission is to ensure that the people we train in emergency first aid are confident in their abilities, whether a first aider in the workplace or first responder in remote or hostile environments. 
As a training provider we avoid over complication and unnecessary content, focusing on what really matters, that simple skills are done well
Keeping it simple will buy time for the casualty allowing for the advanced skills that follow. First aid is the initial part of a pipeline which will end up with the casualty in hospital with Doctors and Surgeons. 
We are partnered with the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care; they provide guidance for medical response and the treatment of the injured using evidenced and best practice guidance. 
Invenio Training provides first aid training, and we also recognise that after training, individuals suffer skill fade, where they forget skills and lose confidence. We are experienced trainers and pre-hospital medics; we offer free annual refreshers and support for your first aiders; we are the only provider to guarantee the quality of our training. 
We hope you will join out community of life savers, we shall look forward to hearing from you. 
As Veterans we are committed to giving back by supporting other Veterans with access to training, support and work opportunities. We also invest in the local community by supporting the MTA, charities and local organisations. 
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