At Invenio Training we want to offer you the best value for money. We do provide discounts on in-house bookings up to a maximum of 12. However we understand that some smaller organisations do not require 12 places so we offer discounts on numbers. 
1-5 People full listed price. 
6-7 People 15% discount. 
8-9 People 20% discount. 
10-11 People 30% discount. 
12 People in-house group rate. 
Listed in-house prices are based on running the course at your venue. However, we work with charities to help them achieve their charitable aims. We use them for exclusive bookings for organisations requiring something special, who wish to support a good cause and achieve their own Corporate Social Responsiblities. 
There is an increase in price to have access to these beautiful and unique settings. Please contact us to discuss the options available. 
Blended Learning 
In May 2016 the HSE and Awarding Organisations announced that computer based blended training is now allowed for workplace first aid courses. 
Save your business time and money by utilising our engaging, blended online video based courses. Learn at your pace and then cover the practical elements with our forestry first aid instructors. 
A three day course becomes two days, a two day courses becomes one day. There is also an option to complete the HSE recommended annual refresher training online. We currently do not offer blended on all courses as we believe candidates will benefit from additional practical on our forestry and equine courses. 
We can set up login details specific to your organisation. 
Blended courses are in-house only. 
Please contact us for more information. 
Free Annual Refresher Training 
The HSE recommend annual refresher training to avoid skill fade. We will offer free refesher training on all HSE and Paediatric courses taken with us. 
Price Match 
We are confident our pricing is fair and competitive. However, if you find a comparable course to our own we will match it. 
Regulated Training 
A Regulated Qualification is often required by learners/Organisations for funding purposes. To support organisations wishing to gain a Regulated Qualification we can provide this service through Qualsafe or Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance. However there maybe an increase in cost due to the additional administration on some courses. The main difference is that a Regulated Qualification demonstrates an additional benchmark of quality showing that the learner has also met TQUK and Regulatory requirements. It is not a requirement only an option. 
First Aid Parties 
We have run very popular first aid parties. If you have had a new born in your life and you want to ensure family and potential babysitters are confident in family first aid skills we would love to hear from you. 
If you haven't a new born but you do have a group of people who would like to know more first aid whether for over 50's or basic skills we have something for you. 
If you have six people on the course your place is free, children, babies, pets and cake welcome. 
Free Downloads 
First Aid Kit Using a Plaster